Create Boundaries and Give Yourself The Ultimate Freedom

Creating boundaries helps us step into an empowering mindset and gives us the tools to determine our direction in life.

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Kass Martin

Kass travels the world to teach and promote the goals of confidence, fitness, and living your BEST life.  

When Zumba fans across the world hear the name Kass Martin they get a huge smile and start shaking with excitement. Kass is known as the face of Zumba and spreads the love of Zumba fitness all over the world as an instructor, presenter, TV star, and teacher. 


Just talking with Kass, you immediately feel inspired about your own life. She is full of light and love and excitement. Above all of this, it is being a mom that she is most proud of.


Her message is simple: 

Be brave. Leave your comfort zone in the dust, and discover your purpose. Choose YOU and leave behind perfect. 


Steve Boedt

Steve is a life coach, motivational speaker and international fitness presenter that has inspired thousands of people all over the world with his motivational sessions. He is also a fitness specialist awarded with many international awards. 


Steve is fast gaining international acclaim for both his original boundary-pushing concepts and choreography as well as his approachable yet larger than life personality.


His big AHA moment was when he realized his classes resulted in helping students rebuild their confidence and mindset to succeed. It wasn’t just about healthier bodies, it turned out he could help people develop healthier and happier lives through strengthening the mind-body connection.


Steve has helped thousands of others step into their light and he can’t wait to do the same with you!